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The cornerstone of Tecsia Lubricants Pte Ltd is the quality management system. The quality policy is taught to each and every employee and posted in several locations throughout the facility, along with the company mission statement and quality objectives.

The quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001 (with Environment Management). This process-based approach links each activity and promotes continuous process improvement throughout the organization. Total customer satisfaction is the goal we strive to obtain. We provide assurance to management it is in control of the processes and activities that have an impact on the environment and to assure employees that they work for an environmentally responsible company.

Certified Lubrication Specialist Program

The Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers standardises the body of knowledge which a lubrication specialist must possess, and certifies those individuals who can demonstrate expertise in critical areas of lubrication

This expertise must also be very broad-based, covering not only knowledge of lubrication fundamentals, and lubrication of gears, bearings, seals, but also such diverse subjects as lubricant manufacture, lubricant analysis, metalworking, storage and handling, condition monitoring and reduction of consumption to name a few. A Certified Lubrication Specialist can provide the best possible technical advice about lubrication problems, either in their own plant or with customers.


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