Bearing Lubrication Still Effective in Pellet Machine
TACBECON SGH 500S is applied on the bearings of the above pelletizing machine.

A follow-up site inspection was carried out at a renowned animal feed mill in Malaysia. Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) from Tecsia Lubricants took a look at the mill’s bucket elevator.

The gear box experienced overheating and the CLS recommended replacing the current mineral oil to a high viscosity, synthetic lubricant.

The main objective of the inspection was to look at the tapered roller bearing situated in the pelletizing machine. Since early 2014, the client has been using TACBECON SGH 500S.

Operations have been running smoothly with no unscheduled downtime. Both Tecsia Lubricants and client are very satisfied with the results.

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05 Feb 2015 Thursday



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