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  • Custom Formulations  – We are here to LISTEN and meet your needs

  • PerformanceTacbecon® products are the highest QUALITY in the world

  • A lubricant brand you can count onPeople DEPEND on Tacbecon® products everyday



The laboratory in United States where Tacbecon® products are developed to the right proportions for customers before blending.
An expert blending a tailored recipe of Tacbecon® to cater to a customer’s needs

Since the 1980s, Tacbecon® has been a brand known for its high-quality lubricants dedicated to a wide range of industries and applications: Compressors, Chains, Gears and bearings, Food grade applications, Anti-seize, High/low temperature applications and many more.

Tacbecon® products are manufactured in the United States and Netherlands.

Tacbecon® products are stored in a safe environment to ensure that the quality of products is maintained.

Standing behind Tacbecon® is a company dedicated to the needs of its customers and is constantly updating the product line by monitoring industry trends for over 30 years.  In addition, the company has a strict quality control policy with dedicated experts who strive to make Tacbecon® products the best in the world. Our engineers and chemists work closely with customers to meet their specific needs and are continuously involved in the research and development of new Tacbecon® lubricants.

As a result, Tacbecon® has managed to achieve a status beyond the typical lubricant supplier through the use of quality formulations that can be either fixed or customized.

The Tacbecon® product line helps our customers keep their edge in today’s global economy and achieve success through its innovative value-adding materials and services.  By utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes and maintaining strong relationships with our raw material suppliers Tacbecon® lubricants not only consist of high quality, value added specialty oils and greases, they are economical as well.  Essentially, Tacbecon® is catered to suit the needs of your industrial market.

Depend on Tacbecon®.  Make Tacbecon® your lubricant choice.

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