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Tacbecon anti seize pastes offers uniform film coating on the metal surface acting as a barrier against cold welding phenomenon. These pastes are specially developed for extreme load, wide temperature range and high pressure environment - which is ideal for head bolts, nuts, flanges exhaust system fasteners, valves, expansion joint, high temperature oven journal bearings, and discs.


Lubricant Thickener Operating Temp (°C) Features
Tacbecon S1100
Modified Clay
-30 to 1100
Tacbecon S1100 is a heavy duty, high temperature lubricant that prevents galling, seizing and
corrosion during assembly and assures easier disassembly.
Suitable for bolts and nuts made of carbon steel.
Tacbecon ZKG 40
-30 to 1400
Tacbecon ZKG 40 is a special anti-seize paste designed for preventing thread seizures. The paste is also used on threaded connections of power plant turbines and steam valves..
Tacbecon SYN M-PG
-50 to 1400
Tacbecon SYN M-PG is is a non-melting anti-seize lubricant designed for Extreme Pressure, heavily loaded applications requiring low breakaway torque.
Tacbecon SWR 53  
-20 to 450
Tacbecon SWR 53 provides protection against rust, corrosion, seizing and galling as well as resistance to sea water washout. It is widely used in offshore applications (e.g. pipe dope).
Tacbecon PG Plus
-40 to 700
Tacbecon PG Plus is an assembly paste developed for rotating applications made of high-strength steel, used in high temperatures environment. It offers protection against fretting, burning in, rust and has no reaction with metal.
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