Open Gear

Tacbecon open gear lubricants has been designed to provide good pumpability and sprayability without the use of harmful volatile solvents. It retains the adhesiveness
and tenacity that is required to successfully lubricate and protect open gearing of all types and sizes.

Tacbecon open gear lubricants widely used in the harshest environments and the most demanding applications, reducing gear wear, maximise equipment uptime, prolonging equipment life, and lowering your operating costs.


Lubricant Thickener Operating Temp (°C) Features
Tacbecon SOG 600
Al Complex
-10 to 130
Tacbecon SOG 600 is Al complex high-performance, extreme pressure lubricant designed for use on open gears and other severe applications like mining draglines, and shovels, ball mills.
Tacbecon SOG 800
Tacbecon SOG 800/2
Alassca Complex
-10 to 160
Tacbecon S0G 800 series offers highly adhesiveness and superior water resistance. Current applications include low speed and high load applications.
Tacbecon SOG 3000
Tacbecon SOG 3000A
Tacbecon SOG 3000B
Al Complex
-10 to 160
Tacbecon SOG 3000 is Al complex high performance grease, blended with superfine graphite to enhance high load capability and shear stability.


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