Rack and Pinion

Rack and pinion gears constantly change direction, and the potential for high shock loading puts a great deal of stress not only on the gears, but the lubricant as well. Tacbecon offers high-quality, high-performance, rack and pinion lubricant, specially developed to withstand the shock loads and extreme environmental temperature variations experienced by heavy industries.

Lubricant Thickener Operating Temp (°C) Features
Tacbecon Jackgel HDG
Lithium Calcium
-20 to 120
Tacbecon is an extreme performance grease, designed for rack and pinion in the heavy industries. This lubricant gives optimum protection in severe environment and meets the major OEM's performance requirements for high load and tackiness.
Tacbecon Ecogel HD
-40 to 150
Tacbecon Ecogel HD is a biodegradable grease specially designed to meet every needs of offshore industry with heavily loaded applications. These application require heavily loaded applications.


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