Enhance your plant’s productivity through enhanced reliability and uptime, with Tecsia Lubricants’ comprehensive range of high-performance specialty lubricants. From specialty hydrocarbon gas process compressor oils offering excellent deposit control for uninterrupted operation and long service life, to outstanding synthetic lubricants formulated to perform in extremely demanding environments (including high temperature, heavy load, and water contamination), Our lubrication solutions can help to keep your power generation plant operating in top condition.

  • Compressor Oils
    • Tacbecon SYN P 1000 series
    • Tacbecon SSC series

  • Compressor Oils - Hydrocarbon / Natural Gas / Process Gas
    • Tacbecon Airsint 500 series
    • Tacbecon HPNG 200 series

  • Rotary Kiln
    • Tacbecon SOG 3000

  • Gear and Bearing Oils
    • Tacbecon Syn Gear 7000 series
    • Tacbecon Syn Gear 900 series

  • Bearing Greases
    • Tacbecon M180 EP2
    • Tacbecon SGH 200S
    • Tacbecon SF420
    • Tacbecon SOG 800
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