Lubrication during steel rolling process is highly important and critical. All steel produced must pass through these mills before proceeding to the finishing mills. Therefore, delays or equipment downtimes are quite serious, often being reflected beyond the mill itself.

Tecsia Lubricants delivers a full range of high performance lubricants for the mission critical equipment (including ball mill, manipulators, roll stands with their drive, and the shear) that constantly exposed to extreme operating environment.

  • Bearing and Gear
    • Tacbecon SOG 3000
    • Tacbecon SGH 200S
    • Tacbecon SGHT 600

  • Heavy Duty Grease
    • Tacbecon SG 1000S

  • Coupling Greases
    • Tacbecon SCG 100S

  • Moly Greases
    • Tacbecon Moly Plus 2

  • Screw Compressor Oil
    • Tacbecon SYN P1000 series
    • Tacbecon SSC series
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