When your equipment requires to operate 24/7 non-stop in the busiest port, downtime takes on a whole new meaning. With Tecsia lubricants, you can count on maximizing your equipment uptime – and your savings.

Tecsia Lubricants offers lubricants to meet the varied demands of the seaport industry and the equipment on which it depends. We recognize that every seaport mission critical equipment faces unique challenges, and we’re proud to put our expert knowledge to use in offering the complete line of best lubricants for the job.

  • Chains
    • Tacbecon WR 460

  • Slider / Locking Device
    • Tacbecon SG 1000S

  • Wire Rope Grease
    • Tacbecon 105WR
    • Tacbecon 305WR

  • Motor Bearing
    • Tacbecon SGH 200S

  • Telescopic Boom
    • Tacbecon SOG 3000A

  • Prime Mover Fifth Wheel Coupling
    • Tacbecon SG 1000

  • Prime Mover Wheel Hub
    • Tacbecon SG 500
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