Tacbecon bearing lubricating greases can help protect your equipment, extend re-lubrication interval, and help enable problem-free operation. Based on carefully selected base fluids in combination with advanced thickener technology and additive systems, Tacbecon bearing greases are specially designed to meet a wide variety of operating conditions in heavy industrial. These conditions include high and low temperatures, chemical contamination, heavy or shock loads, and variable speeds. Tabceon bearing greases are available in a range of NLGI to offer you the right choice for your application.


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Lubricant Thickener Operating Temp (°C) Features
Tacbecon SCS 200
Alassca Complex
-40 to 160
Tacbecon SCS 200 is a full synthetic hydrocarbon grease thickened with alassca complex which offer excellent thermal stability and long servicing life.
Tacbecon SGH 200S
Alassca Complex
-20 to 160
Tacbecon SGH 200S grease is specially designed for high temperature and high load application.
Tacbecon SGH 500S
Alassca Complex
-20 to 180
Tacbecon SGH 500S is a heavy duty grease specially developed for use in industrial application operating in severe operating environment.
Tacbecon SGHM 500
-30 to 160
Tacbecon SGHM series is highly recommended in the lubrication of heavily loaded low speed application and is particularly useful in preventing bearing damage caused by excessive vibration or shock loading. When exposed to severe operating conditions, these moly greases help prevent the depletion of normal grease lubrication by a residual coating of the metal surface with molybdenum disulphide to give 'dry' or 'solid' lubrication.
Tacbecon SGHM 1000
Alassca Complex
-30 to 160
Tacbecon SGHT 600
-30 to 600
Tacbecon SGHT 600 is a high performance graphite grease blended with synthetic oil base is highly recommended for application operating at extreme high temperature.
Tacbecon SF420
-15 to 260
Tacbecon SF 420 is a high performance grease which combines a fully synthetic PFPE base oil with a PTFE soap thickener. Excellent resistance to water wash tenacious structural stability. The unique physical properties of the synthetic base oil, combined with selected additives, provide outstanding protection against wear, rust, corrosion and high temperature degradation.
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